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Our vision

Given the complex nature of the economic, employment, tax and legal environment, we aim to support the managers of SMEs in the day-to-day running of their business by providing them with solutions to get the most from their assets and operations.

Our values play a key role as we set about achieving this objective.

We have defined our vocation as follows:

Supporting our business-leader clients in the sound management of their assets.

Our long-term commitment gives us a vision of the future that we like to share with our clients so they can stay ahead of the game.

The direction of our actions and the way in which we use our expertise must help our clients to take decisions that are consistent with their objectives, thereby optimising their performance not only in terms of financial results, but also with regard to their legal, tax and employment affairs.

As we are at the heart of business information, we play a crucial role in its relevance and how it is used. In this sense, we are keen to provide business management indicators and tools that clients can use to help them take decisions.




In an increasingly complex world where expertise is based as much on experience as on knowledge, we believe that in our role as consultants it is crucial to establish specialist partnerships so we can best respond to our clients' needs. 


Expertise, which is a prerequisite in our line of business, is a subtle blend of knowledge and experience. Thanks to the way our business is structured, and to the way in which we encourage training and knowledge sharing, we are geared towards the transfer of expertise.


Whether it is taking action, making a commitment or trying something out, we believe that engaging is about anticipating, assuming responsibility, accepting risk and not being afraid. It is our mentality, and we want to share it with our clients.


Curiosity means being open-minded about or interested in a particular subject or phenomenon. The dictionary describes it as a quality of someone with a desire to learn and know more. We believe it is a sign of open-mindedness and a constant desire to improve.


Having standards means responding to an ethical ideal. We believe that personal standards and the standards we expect of others set us on the path to continual improvement. We want our clients to demand the very highest standards because it helps us to get the best out of ourselves.


We believe that advice is an approach rather than a product. It means never losing sight of the goal and using the best operational expertise to offer the most suitable solution to the problem in question.


In a world where everything is happening more quickly, where the margins for error are narrower and where it is difficult to borrow money from traditional banks, anticipation is crucial because it allows us to lay the groundwork for finding the resources required to overcome significant hurdles.

Long-term support

Long-term support is at the heart of what we do. It can be seen in the duration of our missions and in the faith and trust that we share with our clients. We stay close to our clients and are always there for them. We have a long-term outlook to our relationships, and this can be seen in our actions.


We believe that success is a subjective notion. It can be measured according to the decisions and choices made by each person. Because we see success in this way, it helps us to best support clients' projects and help them achieve essential targets.


A project provides a sense of direction and unity for internal and external teams. It is sometimes implicit and should always be laid bare in a business plan, a strategic plan of action or some other form of plan. This provides stability to the business and helps it to overcome hurdles.


Although our line of business revolves around the expert knowledge of, compliance with and application of judicial, tax and employment laws and regulations, we believe that we are doing our job properly only if we help our clients' projects to succeed. This sense of usefulness guides our approach in all our actions and suggestions.


We believe that the search for direction is all the more important during a time when the world is undergoing significant transformation and when certain people are losing their bearings. Our values, tastes and training help us to attach a great importance to the consistency of our actions and advice.


We believe we are always stronger together. We believe everybody has a part to play. We believe that complementary skill sets are the key to making progress.
This is why we believe in the power of teamwork and cooperation. Together, we can move mountains.


Innovation means trying to radically improve the current situation in a practical way. Our desire for quality, improvement and progress, both internally and on behalf of our clients, keeps us on our toes and drives us to use our involvement in professional bodies to introduce ideas that we believe are relevant for us and our clients.


Trust is the main virtue of our relationships with others, particularly our clients. Trust enables us to share, improve and grow together. We are fully aware of the risks and time involved in earning trust, and also of how quickly it can be lost.